Which Platform To Use For Your Business And Why?

marketing social media Aug 15, 2021

There’s really no one-size-fits-all approach to social media for businesses, but there are certain platforms that will work better for your business than others, depending on your product and target audience. Keep reading for the seven most popular social media platforms, what they’re perfect for, how you can use them and who is most likely to be on them.



What It’s Perfect For: From long-form posts to photos to videos to creating a community, Facebook is a catch-all for almost everything you can find on all other platforms.

How You Can Use It: Create pages and groups to foster a community for your business, create and share video series and ads, and show behind-the-scenes photos and create long-form posts that enthrall your followers.

Who is On There: While there’s no set age demographic, roughly 65% of its audience is 25 and up and you’re most likely to find older adults on here as well as companies and local leaders.


What It’s Perfect For: Shorter posts that educate, engaging photos that you want your customers to talk about.

How You Can Use It: Image and video sharing as well as directly connecting with influencers and your customers.

Who is On There: Influencers primarily hang out on Instagram, regardless of what industry they’re in. You’ll tend to find people aged 18-40, but there is a growing segment of the older market beginning to join.


What It’s Perfect For: Sharing blog posts, videos and photos.

How You Can Use It: Share your latest photo, videos or blog posts to create mood or information boards that your followers can ‘repin’ (i.e. save). Each board will need a theme, with some being as simple as color, while others may focus on a certain subject.

Who is On There: Women aged 18-64 are the most likely users you’ll encounter. Some celebrities have Pinterest boards, but it’s more about sharing posts rather than making connections.


What It’s Perfect For: Connecting with industry leaders and co-workers, establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

How You Can Use It: Creating and sharing posts related to your industry, reaching out to people in your industry, talking to customers and colleagues and connecting with people from other industries you hope to work with.

Who is On There: Business leaders are very likely to use the platform as they share updates about their work. You’ll find a pretty even split of male and female business professionals aged between 25-64.


What It’s Perfect For: Sharing videos about your company and how-to’s/tutorials on using your product or service.

How You Can Use It: Create video series about your products/services/company, participating in viral trends, connecting with customers via video, promoting new launches and connecting with celebrities.

Who is On There: Celebrities are rampant on the platform, and it’s not uncommon for them to reach out to ‘regular’ people. Most users are in their teens and twenties, but a growing amount of users are 30+.


What It’s Perfect For: Creating educational/instructional videos, promoting your products and showcasing reviews.

How You Can Use It: Create videos that are both educational and entertaining for your viewers. A great video can easily go viral as people share it on other social media platforms.

Who is On There: Celebrities, influencers and video creators are all active on the platform. As the number two search engine next to Google, it’s not surprising to find that the site regularly has roughly 2 billion visitors of all ages and genders every year.


Social media can greatly aid your digital marketing plan, and as long as you utilize the right platform for your business, you’ll discover you can use it to connect with customers all over the world. Think about where you’re likely to find your target demographic, and start focusing on perfecting your profile on that platform. Soon you’ll see likes, follows and engagement rates soar.


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