20 Reel Ideas to Boost Your Instagram

instagram marketing Aug 15, 2021

Instagram launched Reels in late-2019 to compete with Tik-Tok, and its quickly become one of the prime features of the platform. These short videos only last up to 60 seconds (depending on your follower count), but many are quickly racking up millions of views. Reels can easily “go viral,” but certain video genres are more likely to go viral than others. When you know what watchers are interested in, you’re more likely to create a successful video, and this guide is here to help. Below you’ll find 20 popular ideas for Reels that are sure to be a success with your followers.


1.) How-Tos

People love learning how to do something—from cooking to buying stocks—and you definitely have knowledge that’s worth sharing. Educate people on how to do something so you’re not only helping them but also establishing yourself as an industry leader.

2.) Introduction

Who are you? People love knowing the person behind the content, and a quick introduction is a great way for people to not only get to know you but also establish a bond with your content being they feel like they “know” the creator.

3.) Follow a Trend

Just like other social media platforms, Reels are subject to trends varying from dance challenges to reading teleprompters. Look to see what challenges your favorite creators are participating in and jump onboard.

4.) Show Your Products

If you produce a versatile product, show your followers' different ways they can use it. If it’s more focused, show them not only how to use the product but results they can expect via before and after pictures.

5.) Animal Videos

Animals are always a hit on social media platforms—and it’s not limited to cats and dogs either. Show your furry (or not so furry) office pets (or visitors like squirrels) doing something entertaining and you’ll see the views start rolling in.

6.) Create a List

From travel tips to your favorite songs, lists are a great way to gain engagement. They’re incredibly easy to put together as well being all you need to do is put pictures or clips together using Reels easy-to-use editor.

7.) Behind the Scenes Peek

People enjoy company transparency, and behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to get people interested in what your company is doing both privately and publicly.

8.) Customer and Employee Spotlight

Let your employees and customers shine by spotlighting them on your social media pages. From tutorials to testimonials, you will find viewers love seeing people talking about and/or explaining a product (and bonus points if they have a chance to be featured).

9.) Showcase Experiences

People don’t like the feeling of being left out, and experience videos are an excellent way to let viewers feel like they’re with you. Whether you’re cooking, eating or traveling, let your viewers live vicariously through your Reels.

10.) Bloopers

Everything always looks perfect on social media due to editing, but we all make mistakes. Let your viewers see you goof up for a humorous video that shows them you’re not perfect all the time either.

11.) FAQs

You probably answer variants of the same questions about your product or service every day, so why not make short videos addressing these questions? Your followers will receive an awesome visual they can reference back to and you can share it on your other social media platforms.

12.) Storytime

Do you have a really funny story you always share at company parties? Or does your business have a really unique backstory? Share these stories with your followers for a good laugh or as inspiration.

13.) Tease New Products/Services

If you have something new in the works, share it with your followers for an exclusive first look. You can take them through every step of the process before the big unveiling or hint towards something new shortly before launch.

14.) Myth Bust

Every industry has myths surrounding it, so take the time to explain to your followers why the myth isn’t accurate and start spreading the truth.

15.) Day in the Life

Your day may feel mundane to you, but it’s exciting to someone else. Show the world what it’s like to be in your shoes for a day with a series of Reels.

16.) Repurpose Content

You obviously won’t want to do this with every Reel, but look at some of your past social media or website content that did really well and condense it into a 30-second video.

17.) Bestsellers

If you have a line of products, showcase your bestsellers to your followers along with a quick tip on how to use or style it.

18.) Giveaways

Giveaways are nearly guaranteed to generate buzz, and you can utilize that momentum on your Reels by showcasing what the winner will receive.

19.) Show Your Workspace

Whether you primarily work from home or on the 100th floor in Manhattan, showing your office space is a great way to inspire followers and let them learn more about you.

20.) Business Evolution

Your business has likely gone through a series of changes over the years, from your office space to employee numbers. Show viewers where you started and where you are now for inspiration.

Reels are a great way to connect with your viewers, and they can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. Utilize the above ideas and start seeing the views (and followers) start racking up and establish yourself as company people want to work with.


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