The Social Media Marketing Guide – tips and tricks to help you understand social media

Updated: Apr 6

Social Media Marketing is a simple instrument for promotion on social networks. Through SMM the goals are to increase the number of sales ( either directly or by working with other brands).

Lets start...

Rule#1: Select the Right Social Network

It is crucial that you know which social media outlets are the most effective for your brand/business. Not every social network is conducive for every business model. Ensure that you know your target audience, define who your competitors are and what platform they use the most.


-Instagram is effective for : News channels,promoting a brand , small businesses with a budget and media personals

-Twitter is effective for: News Channels and Media Personals

-Facebook is more effective for gaining an adult or affluent audience.

Rule#2: Create Good ideas and Philosophies

Ensure that the content created is innovative, creative, has value to your customers and is consistent. The goal should never be just to sell, you should tell your brand story.


-Let your story tell about your experiences

-Do not let what your competitors are doing intimidate you into trying to copy them, stay in your lane and stay true to your brand image and brand culture

Rule#3: Have interesting and High Quality Content

Your content should include grammatically correct information, clear images and educational and informative text. Remember, it doesn't matter how beautiful your pictures are, if the information is not valuable for your target audience, it will not do your brand any good.


-Create video content, it gains the most attention

-Mix up the types of content you post, sometimes adding photos and GIfs are as effective

Rule#4: Practice Good Customer Service

Your method of communication should be polite, informative and time sensitive.The best way to get clients to come back is to deliver GRADE A communication. For those who are in the product business, delivery is very important. There should be 2-3 different options to getting a product sent. Should one courier not be as fast and efficient ensure you have a backup plan.


-Set up discounts for special occasions, new clients and referrals.

-Give clients the opportunity to become a premium clients when they exceed a certain amount of purchases

- Ask your clients their needs via polls, questions and surveys

Rule#5: Collaborate with Influencers

If you really want to grow your business and expand your reach, reaching out to influencers is an efficient and easy way to do so. Contact a well known popular blogger, influencer or local celebrity to see if they can endorse your product or service. By connecting with someone outside of your normal reach you have the opportunity to expand your audience and product distribution.

Try some of these rules out and don't forget to experiment.