What Is Emotional Branding And How To Use It In Your Business

lead generation Aug 12, 2021

Have you ever encountered branding or advertising that really spoke to you? Whether it is a soldier coming home and seeing their dog for the first time, or an intimate wedding full of laughter and friends, or even something that makes you mad like social injustice or animal cruelty. These are all examples of emotional marketing.

If you have ever felt an emotion due to marketing, you know that this moment can be a driving force behind the decisions you make. Yeah, you will want to donate to charity to fund the care of soldier’s dogs while they’re away. Of course, you will book the wedding venue that showcases a wonderful experience. It’s all about how the emotion makes your customers react to the product or service being advertised and how they’ll remember your brand.


How to Use Emotional Branding

There are six character types of emotional branding. Each one can be tailored to fit the needs of your specific product or service.

  • Overdelivering
    Presenting a brand that always goes above and beyond will develop a relationship of trust surrounded by good feelings.
  • Representation
    Speaking to a specific group or type of person with representation makes people feel they can identify with the product and other people who buy the product.
  • Improvement
    Communicating with your buyer that their life will improve and they will become more beautiful, successful, or smart will make your brand appealing to those who want enhancement.
  • Routine
    Fit your brand into the routine of the customer by becoming a trusted friend. If your product is something they depend on each day to fulfill a ritual, you have a buyer for life.
  • Memories
    Using memories of the past will deepen the connection with most consumers. If you can invoke a memory of baking with grandma and the feelings they felt when doing so, they will associate your brand with pleasant memories and feelings of safety.
  • Gratification
    Creating a bond with your customer over indulging in fun gratifying experiences will increase their feelings of self-worth. When someone tells you to have a treat because you deserve it, doesn’t that feel good? Marketing that tells people they deserve to relax, have a good time and indulge a little can make a lasting impact.


Why Emotional Branding Works

Emotional branding works because people are emotional creatures, even when we pretend we aren’t. Tapping into the emotions of your buyer will mean tapping into the very thing that makes us human. If you can invoke an emotion that sticks with your consumer, you will have increased sales and a buyer for life.


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