The Scary Truth About Marketing In 2021, Trends To Look Out For

feature Aug 14, 2021

 The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how businesses operate. Months of varied customer responses to COVID-19 have provided us some insights into the marketing trends that are thriving in this new normal and what we can expect in 2021.

So, what are the top online marketing trends for 2021? Expect to see more products and services online and people to continue working remotely or in a hybrid setting for much of next year. Let’s dive in.


More Interactive Website/ Social Media Content

Using interactive elements in your site or social media is an excellent way to provide value for your audience, encourage them to engage with your brand, and learn more about them. Let’s say you’re a realtor and you add a simple yet effective mortgage calculator to your website. You are now providing value to your visitors while also learning more about them using the data they enter in the calculator. This information will then enable you to refine your personas and offer-targeting. Other examples of interactive content include quizzes, interactive videos, assessments, polls, contests, games, and surveys.


Voice Search

Although voice search isn’t a part of Google’s algorithm, it's still dictating current search results. Voice search queries usually yield different results than if a user had typed in a text-based search query. Not to mention, it's a great idea for brands to understand voice search components for their consumers who are switching over to that medium.

Experts in voice search recommend that your content as a whole must be specifically optimized for voice. Making the need for conversational and direct content more prominent than ever.


Luxury Goods

How can a luxury goods business survive during a pandemic-related recession?

Many luxury brands are opening up to selling refurbished, pre-loved, pre-owned. This wasn’t a new trend as much as it is something that is now being explored a lot more.

Shoppable posts

In recent years, we have seen a reduced number of obstacles between a consumer and a product. Every facilitation of product delivery, advertising, or payment methods has made a seller’s life easier. A few years ago, you would have to make a bank transfer to a store to pay for an item. Now you can use credit cards whose information is stored in a browser, or pay through various payment providers, like Paypal, or use virtual cards and virtual currency. Even delivery methods are becoming quicker and more convenient. More “convenience” shopping will definitely be a trend for 2021.


Improved Retention through Segmentation

Since it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than earn new ones, marketing experts strongly recommend exerting more effort into the later stages of a buyer’s journey. Happy customers tend to tell their friends and even provide referrals to help boost profits. They are also more likely to offer direct and honest feedback that will strengthen your business. Based on statistics, 82% of Americans seek recommendations from family and friends when considering a purchase.

Make sure to keep them updated about your processes or organizational changes that would affect your relationship via email or connect with them on social media. This allows you to target them in a more cost-effective way, enabling you to stretch your marketing budget farther.

These are some of the top marketing trends to look out for in 2021. Be sure to keep yourself updated with the latest digital marketing trends to understand how they will impact the larger competitive landscape.

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