How To Move Your Leads From Social Media To Your Website

lead generation social media Aug 14, 2021

Connecting with your ideal customers is more important now than before and many small business owners who use social media consider it vital for their business.

But, why?

For starters, social media platforms can enhance brand recognition, build a community around a business, and grow your brand. Based on recent statistics, the number of global social media users has reached 4.14 billion.

So how can you leverage social media to entice customers to visit your site and ultimately buy your products? Here are some effective tactics below to help you do just that.

1. Understanding Your Sales Funnel

It’s hard to place leads into the sales funnel if you don’t have a good understanding of the sales process that nurtures it.

The initial step in monetizing the social media channel is to have a good knowledge of which marketing platforms are currently contributing leads to the funnel, what the sales follow-up process is and how long it takes to close the sale.

You have to determine where social media fits into the whole scenario.

  • Will the social media leads respond to your existing sales processes?
  • Where are your social media leads in the buying process?
  • Will the leads convert at the same rates?

Once you’ve determined how that looks, you can then determine the next steps.

2. Improve Your Path to Conversion

It’s imperative to make sure it’s very easy for potential customers to buy. Customers tend to be “convenient” shoppers, and if they have to figure out how to buy from you, they are less likely to convert.

Platforms like Facebook, and Instagram allow you to convert your page into a shop or a service page eliminating the need to visit a website. Alternatively, business owners can create a tab that leads to the website, however, convenience is key. Be sure to pair your URLs with the correct service and products, leading your visitors directly to that offering. And, If you offer products, you may then recommend products based on those interests. 

Providing Opportunities for Soft Conversion

A social media lead likely enters the sales funnel earlier in the buying process. He or she may not be ready to buy, although, you have a chance to convert interested social media followers and fans into email subscribers.

Combining email marketing campaigns that offer a mix of content that enables you to push them through the sales funnel while providing relevant info, gives you a better chance to convert social media soft leads into potential customers.

3. Measure the Results

The only way to determine where leads are in the sales process is by measuring your efforts. The fastest and most affordable way to track social media conversions is to implement Google Analytics campaign tracking to the links you shorten and post on social media channels. Once you have that data, it’s important to implement those changes and retest.

Use the following metrics to show success via the sales funnel:

  • Cost per engagement
  • Cost per impression
  • Cost per hard lead
  • Cost per soft lead
  • Cost per sale

The key is to build a relationship with your visitors and move them along their buyer journey, making it easier for you to sell to them.


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