8 Easy And Effective Social Media Campaign Idea

business tips social media Aug 14, 2021

Many entrepreneurs have successfully grown their businesses by creating a strong presence on social media. A well-crafted social media campaign creates brand awareness, lays the foundation to build a community, and boost sales. We know this, yet, it’s becoming difficult to engage and create that consistent nurturing.

So what can you do to build your community, your brand, and ultimately your revenue?

A social media campaign is a series of synchronized activities targeted at achieving a specific goal over a set period of time, with results that can be measured and monitored. It can be focused on a single network, or placed across several social media sites.

Here are 8 easy and effective social media campaign ideas.

1. Get Inspired by Holidays

Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentines are widely celebrated holidays. Use holidays to promote sale campaigns to your audience or exciting contests to engage with them. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a popular holiday.

2. Livestream Events

Never underestimate the power of live feeds when organizing a social media campaign. Most social media users prefer live videos to media posts. Stream your product launches or your interactions with your audience. You’ll attract more loyal fans for your brand if you become more “human” to them. Show different parts of your brand, for example, take them backstage.

3. Run a Contest or Giveaway

People can’t resist free stuff. Running occasional contests is one of the most effective social media ideas when it comes to encouraging followers to engage. Based on data from Tailwind, 91% of IG posts with more than 1,000 comments or likes are related to a contest. On the other hand, accounts that run contests regularly are noted to grow 70% faster compared to those that don’t.

A contest is a good way to boost your follower count and engagement and is an excellent social media tactic when you want to enhance a campaign, such as new product launches.

4. Hosting an AMA

AMA (ask me anything) series are popular on Reddit because they provide an opportunity to educate and engage with your audience. AMA’s are Q&A sessions where you can share experiences, insight, and knowledge. From sharing personal challenges to success stories, such sessions can be interesting for audiences and brands alike. You’ll get to reveal your personal side, enabling you to showcase the personality behind your brand. It also raises awareness for your brand without being too salesy. Not to mention, you learn more about your audience’s interests and concerns. If you have a big team, then encourage each member to host their own AMA over time to give a big-picture view of your business.

5. Highlight Testimonials

What better way to nurture confidence in your audience about your business than to let them see your happy customers? It’s very easy, you can start a hashtag campaign and tell your customers to share their experience with your products/ services.

6. Participating in the Hottest Trends

A business must evolve with the times to remain relevant. Use the “hype” created by popular trends or events around you to promote your products to the world. It’s the best exposure you can get for free on social media. 

7. Use Influencers to Get Your Brand in Front of More People

Influencers are those who have amassed a large following on social media sites and charge a fee to tell their followers about your products, opportunities, and offers. Over 70% of social media users actually make purchases based on people/influencers that they follow. The bigger the reach and engagement that influencer has the bigger the impact your campaign will have. 

8. Inform Your Audience About Special Deals

You can use social media posts to tell your audience about special deals and discounts in your business. Social media sites like Facebook have business segments specifically created for this purpose. Take advantage of this feature and watch your loyal followers and profits grow.

Are you having a hard time coming up with social media campaign ideas? Reach out to one of our specialists to help you strategize new ways to connect to your audience. Remember, don’t be afraid to try new ideas because it’s all about being original so you can rise above the rest.




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