7 Tips For Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation

lead generation social media Aug 14, 2021

Social media is expanding the reach of even small business owners and allowing them to engage audiences more effectively than ever before. As this space matures, each demographic is finding the platform that speaks to their needs. Businesses looking to talk to consumers are able to pick the platform that resonates with their niche and build from there. For businesses looking to generate useable leads, LinkedIn is king.


As the only social media platform that is focused on business, LinkedIn is the most effective for finding business leads that go anywhere. Every social media site has its quirks that allow you to optimize your results, and LinkedIn is no different. Here are seven things that you can do to effectively use LinkedIn for lead generation. The body content of your post goes here. To edit this text, click on it and delete this default text and start typing your own or paste your own from a different source.


1. Publish the right content

LinkedIn is the most professional-oriented of all the social media marketing channels, and the content that thrives there reflects that. Potential leads on this platform respond to:

  • Content that promotes professional development
  • Topics that are directly related to their industry
  • Posts that use a more formal tone

The structure of posts, should be focused on links if the goal is to drive engagement, images if the goal is commenting, and videos to bring in shares. Try to post once or twice a day. You don’t need to have big blocks of text to get attention. A large image with a concise description and a helpful link works very well for many posts.


2. Optimize your page for search

People are able to search for you and your business both through Google and within LinkedIn itself. If your page tells people what your business does and what it is all about, it makes it easier to find for people who are actively searching for businesses like yours.


Make sure to add relevant keywords that have to do with your products or services to your description. The About tab should include these searchable items while giving people who find your page a good idea of what you do.


Working to build links from your site will boost your ranking, even if it’s just to a homepage. Regularly sharing relevant content will boost you up in the rankings as well.


3. Use the advanced search feature to identify prospects.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be a passive game. Even the free version of LinkedIn has powerful advanced search features that allow you to search for and identify people to who you would be interested in talking.


These tools are simple but powerful ways to build a prospect list as you narrow your search by location, current company, industry, school, past company, target language, and nonprofit interests.


4. Take advantage of groups.

The best connections are the ones you build over time, and one way to start those interactions without becoming spammy is to join a group. There are millions of groups on the platform, and you are allowed to join up to 50 of them at a time.


Find a group that is highly relevant to your niche, active, and in the middle with size. The sweet spot is finding one that is big enough to make sure your efforts reach a good number of people but small enough that you don’t get lost in the buzz of the crowd.

5. Use your company page as a lead gen page.

If it’s your goal anyway, why hide it. All your efforts on LinkedIn are going to be funneling people towards this page, so use it to your advantage by matching your description to weed out your target audience, demonstrate your value proposition, and deter unqualified leads. Add in CTAs and perfect your pitch to create more and better leads.


6. Pay for InMail

This paid feature gives you the power to connect with anyone on LinkedIn, even if they aren’t in your network. Connecting with prospects through email got up to three times the response compared to normal email. It is a fast, productive way to nurture the business leads you have spent so much time building without being intrusive.


7. Analyze everything

LinkedIn gives you the tools to analyze everything and dive into what is working on your page and what isn’t, what content of yours is reaching people and how your campaigns are running. The company is dedicated to helping you succeed and even offers the “Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Metrics & Analytics” for free to help you get started.



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