10 Landing Page Examples That Convert

example marketing Aug 15, 2021

Landing pages are necessary for websites to convert visitors to customers but creating a landing page that works can feel like an uphill battle. Unfortunately, far too many people tend to overthink their landing pages, thinking it needs to include all available information about who they are, their company and a host of other information that really isn’t necessary to make a sale or register a new user. Instead, a solid landing page should be focused on converting visitors using a minimal design, eye-catching graphics and colors and information your customer needs to sell. The following ten landing pages are proven at converting well, and you’ll soon learn why:

1.  Shopify

One of the first things you’ll notice about this page is the lack of a website menu. Instead, the first thing visitors see is the logo, the number of businesses that use the platform, and a sign-up form. When they scroll down, they have given three bullet points about the business: available themes, pricing and a reprisal of how many companies use the platform followed by testimonials and a call to action (CTA) button.
TitanMLM has one of the best landing pages on the list with a CTA, interactive feature descriptions that require the visitor to click on them to learn more, meaning customers must interact with the page to learn more about it. When visitors stay on a page, they’re more likely to purchase whatever the site is selling.
Noor Anisa has one of the most modern landing pages on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not successful. It opens up with a welcome message which can be a great way to make potential customers feel valued. The welcome message details how the service can help visitors and is followed by a CTA.
Bright colors and engaging graphics make this page a winner. A slideshow welcomes visitors with various CTAs and followed by information on the company, companies that work with the platform, four prime reasons to work with Sinergify, another CTA and a link to their most recent blog posts.

Definitely the simplest landing page on the list, Funeral Funds of America fits everything it needs on a page the visitor barely needs to scroll. The top of the page features the logo and their phone number followed by “AFFORDABLE COVERAGE” in a large font. To the left, visitors see a large, red CTA button that says “GET THE BEST RATE NOW” with a brief questionnaire to figure out what the customer needs from the site. 


6. Host your home on Airbnb

Airbnb’s hosting page starts out by letting visitors see how much money they can earn from having an Airbnb at their location, leading to an immediate personalized experience. Unlike other pages on our list, Airbnb’s hosting page has its testimonials after the first CTA, followed by blogs on hosting and why the service may be a great fit for customers.


7. Rover.com: Book Dog Boarding, Dog Walking and More

Customers love a personalized experience, and Rover makes sure to make their visitors feel valued by figuring out their needs the moment they click on the page. Visitors can select whether they’re looking for a pet sitter or want to become one while the main questionnaire determines the customers needs with an easy-to-utilize menu.


8. HelloFresh - Fresh Ingredients Delivered Weekly

Hello Fresh is one of the most popular meal delivery services, and it might be because of its landing page. Featuring bright graphics and photos, the page is one of the most visually pleasing on our list. Visitors are instantly given a CTA followed by detailed instructions on how the service works as well as showcasing their app.


9. www.overnightflowers.com/collections/assortments

New Overnight flowers offer a discount code at the top of the page to make customers want to buy an arrangement as well as a small clock showing what time orders need to be completed to get an arrangement delivered the following day. While the landing page is slightly busier than most, it’s still successful because it puts customers directly in the shopping experience with over 20 arrangements.


10. The Commerce Collab - Catapult your product sales with strategies that grow your customer list, boost your online sales and streamline your daily to-do list.

The Commerce Collab opens up with a video for its visitors, meaning anyone who visits the page is likely to stay on the page to finish the video. If they like what they see, they can sign up to join the email list by filling out a sign-up form on the left—without ever having to leave the page.



Creating a successful landing page with a high conversion rate doesn’t have to be hard. Take a look at what successful landing pages have in common, like multiple CTAs, testimonials, and bullet points about the company, and structure your landing page in the same format. Remember that less information is actually more when creating a successful landing page, and pages with the highest conversion rates attract customers by keeping their pages short and simple.

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